GNA Contacts
President Gill Queripel
GNA Secretary Heidi Rosamund
Treasurer Julie Donaldson
Development Officer Position Vacant Position Vacant
Management Member Mary Jehan
Management Member Julie Wright
League Chair Lydia Mcclean

League Members
League Minute Secretary Annie Knights
League Fixtures Co-ordinator Emma Mills
League Fixtures Co-ordinator Kirsty Bourgaize
League Registration Co-ordinator Annie Knights
League Umpires Co-ordinator Tanya Gibson
Child Protection Officer Julie Wright
Media Secretary Claire Jennings

SENIOR ISLAND Coaches Verona Tomlin, James Robert & Tracie Hards
Senior Island Team Manager Lynne Hamilton    
UNDER 19 Coaches James Roberts & Donna Brehaut  
UNDER 19 Team Manager Amber Staples      
UNDER 16 Coaches Emma Beaven & Hannah Dunnell  
UNDER 16 Team Manager Keeleigh Le Tissier    
UNDER 14 Coaches Luke Penney & Nikki Pettit  
UNDER 14 Team Manager Hannah Green    
UNDER 12 Coaches Heidi Rosamund & Kim Le Lacheur  
UNDER 12 Team Manager Natalie Chamberlain    
UNDER 11 Coaches Kerrie Brown, Abi Mills & Emile Batiste      
UNDER 11 Team Manager Emma Brookes      
MEN Coaches Gill Queripel & James Robert  
MEN Team Manager      
VETS Coaches Gill Queripel & James Robert
VETS Team Manager      

The GNA was formed in 1940 German Occupied Guernsey, but the sport had existed for several years previous, being played at schools such as Ladies College and the Intermediate. The founding members were Verity Wellington, Doreen Down and Miss F. Mallett with more than a little help from the likes of Flora Le Gallez, Betty Druce, Joan Coutanche and Isabelle Wright.

The first dominant force in island netball were the Delancey club who won three successive titles. Marjorie Lewis then inspired and guided Sarnians to be a driving force in island netball along with North. The latter enjoyed a decade-and-a half of complete domination, but as the 20th century unfolded Sarnians again enjoyed glory years, and teams such as Capelles and St Martin’s, who won the title in one glorious winter for the Blanche Pierre Lane based club, became key figures in the local leagues. Rangers enjoyed great times also and it was via that great old club that Nerine came into being the dominant side of the early 21st century.