Indoor Nets






Indoor Nets started in Guernsey six years ago by Gill Queripel after seeing the sport in the UK.

Indoor Nets or ‘Nets’ as it is commonly referred to is a different style of Netball played within a netted court. The sport also incorporates some aspects of Basketball, with both one and two point shot opportunities. The ball never leaves the court creating an intense fast paced game.

‘Net’s is played at ladies, mixed, men’s and junior levels.

Chairman:  Gill Queripel

Gill has a wealth of experience and knowledge with Indoor Nets having been on six World Tours with the England National Teams. Locally Gill oversees the running of the Indoor Winter and Junior leagues.

Fixtures Secretary:  Gill Queripel
Treasurer:  Mary Jehan
Umpires Co-ordinator:  Luke Penney
Development Coaches:  Luke Penney & Rob Jennings

Luke and Rob are both experienced Indoor Nets coaches having played the sport locally for six years and also were apart of the National England Team who competed at the World Championships in 2012 & 2014. Both are the Junior Indoor Nets coaches at the ICG.

 Media Liaison:  Luke Penney & Gill Queripel
  • Indoor Ladies
  • Indoor Mixed 1
  • Indoor Mixed 2
Lucas Freight12101154
Platinum Interiors1260632
Ladies College1230921
Raspberry Cosmos1230919
ICG Wildcats12110155
Rawlinson Hunter Renegades1271442
Vantage Vipers1271440
Hot Fuzz1250729
Credit Suisse12120060
Electrical Works1280442
Itchy Feet1210117


22.09.2016Lucas Freight21Froggies26 Platinum Interiors23Not There Yet4
Nets Top Model13Itchy Feet22Sparks15Pitch Slap38
25.09.2016Intertrust Ladies10Nerine34Gsy Agencies35Credit Suisse17
Intertrust Mixed18LMDC29KPMG8Grammar24
29.09.2016Lucas Freight24Not There Yet14Nets Top Model15Intertrust Mixed44
Froggies40Intertrust Ladies36Hot Fuzz34Sparks4
02.10.2016LMDS24KPMG10Itchy Feet7Specsavers28
Pitch Slap39Credit Suisse21Not There Yet7Nerine31
06.10.2016Lucas Freight27Not There Yet13Hot Fuzz16Pitch Slap21
Froggies28Nerine25Sparks9Gsy Agencies45
09.10.2016Itchy Feet19Grammar26Platinum Interiors27Intertrust Ladies26
Nets Top Model9LMDC14Intertrust Mixed27Specsavers31
13.10.2016Lucas Freight22Intertrust Ladies33Froggies50Not There Yet8
Hot Fuzz15Gsy Agencies16Columbians46Pitch Slap45
Intertrust Mixed22KPMG13
16.10.2016Grammar26Specsavers39Platinum Interiors14Nerine40
20.10.2016Lucas Freight24Nerine42Froggies32Platinum Interiors16
Hot Fuzz23Credit Suisse13Columbians40Sparks5
23.10.2016Pitch Slap18Gsy Agencies25KPMG17Specsavers38
27.10.2016Nets Top Model30Specsavers29Itchy Feet12KPMG13
LMDC19Specsavers28Gsy Agencies36Credit Suisse17
Sparks14Credit Suisse27
30.10.2016Nets Top Model29KPMG18LMDS24Grammar29
Intertrust Mixed22Grammar31
Not There Yet26Intertrust Ladies31
03.11.2016Lucas Freight10Froggies40Platinum Interiors19Not There Yet12
Hot Fuzz24Columbians47Nets Top Model38Itchy Feet15
Sparks12Pitch Slap39
06.11.2016Intertrust Ladies28Nerine43Columbians26Gsy Agencies33
Intertrust Mixed24LMDC21KPMG8Grammar32
10.11.2016Lucas Freight35Platinum Interiors16Columbians29Gsy Agencies45
Nets Top Model30Intertrust Mixed14Froggies52Intertrust Ladies18
Hot Fuzz33Sparks21Intertrust Mixed0Specsaverspts
13.11.2016LMDC17KPMG22Itchy Feet15Specsavers36
Itchy Feet0Intertrust Mixedpts
Pitch Slap30Credit Suisse17Not There Yet18Nerine55
17.11.2016Lucas Freight22Not There Yet17Hot Fuzz16Pitch Slap42
Columbians31Credit Suisse24Froggies30Nerine37
Sparks19Gsy Agencies33
20.11.2016Itchy Feet21Grammar18Platinum Interiors30Intertrust Ladies18
Nets Top Model25LMDC9Hot Fuzz0Columbianspts
24.11.2016Lucas Freight22Intertrust Ladies48Froggies60Not There Yet20
Hot Fuzz28Gsy Agencies45Columbians10Pitch Slap10
Intertrust Mixed28KPMG16
27.11.2016Itchy Feet10LMDC34
Platinum Interiors0NerineptsItchy Feet10LMDC34
01.12.2016Lucas Freight28Nerine42Pitch Slap24Gsy Agencies42
Froggies22Platinum Interiors27Hot Fuzz0Credit Suissepts
Itchy Feet32Intertrust Mixed30Not There Yet20Intertrust Ladies16
08.12.2016Nets Top ModelSpecsaversItchy FeetKPMG
LMDCGrammarColumbiansCredit Suisse
SparksCredit Suisse
11.12.2016Nets Top ModelKPMGLMDCSpecsavers
Intertrust MixedGrammarNets Top ModelGrammar